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Neurogenesis in Health and Human Performance

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What is Neurogenesis?

The human body is capable of so many incredible feats of growth and rejuvenation. It can be witnessed through simple wound healing, to...

Activating Neurogenesis

Since we now know that neurogenesis can help us to regrow new brain cells, how do we actually go about activating this amazing internal...

Positive Benefits

We now know that stem cells in two regions of our brains are responsible for continually generating new brain cells throughout or...

The Negatives?

Complications from neurogenesis and situations in which increased brain cell growth is not recommended definitely exist and should be...

Best Approaches and The Future

The following list can be utilized as recommendations for neurogenesis to implement into everyday life 1. Exercising - try and move your...


“4 Miracle Foods That Rejuvenate and Grow Your Brain From the Inside Out.” Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, April 22, 2019....

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